Would you rather zap a superintendent with a stun gun OR Taser?

Would you rather get ripped by the press OR the mainstream media?

Would you rather eat feces OR lick venom off your sidewalk?

Would you rather Zob the opponent OR the contender?

Would you rather, nowadays, get jaywalked by a farm tractor OR an Amtrak passenger train?

Would you rather sound off OR scare off the galloping rustler in the form of a spiritual ghost?

Would you rather shout out to your rat catcher OR a louse?

Would you rather shoot a stream of pee at your middle school headmaster OR superintendent?

Would you rather fire a trillion bullets at an elephant OR an outdoor naturalist or conservator with a .44 caliber revolver hand gun?

Would you rather cheat at a restaurant OR go off-guard with the police-department rookies standing off in a parking-lot incident?

Would you rather chase the bull OR the child bullies on the sidewalk?

Would you rather stick a fork in a contaminated chicken thigh fillet OR stab a switchblade in the sheriff's upper spine?

Would you rather apply a spray bottle of skunk-scented cologne and transform yourself into a skunk OR a mole?