I am debating with the consensus in each round of Zobmondo!!; and the upcoming book ZOB! (Simon & Schuster, available December 22, 2015) will feature more than 5,000-plus parodies of hypothetical questions and answers for

all men and women participating in a debate of odious record.

Here are my weird choices that I have posted below here on the Zobmondo!! Wiki:

Can you smear bacon grease over the wife's face?

Will everyone get ingrown toenails laced with cyanide?

Should you open a can of invisible sode because the sparkling-beverage manufacturers warn those drinks contain an mysterious chemical for which may have too many side effects?

Can you stare hysterically at a porcupine who can poke yourself back?

Name one of the most bizarre battles concerning a white man sucking an Afro-American male human being's penis.

Pre-order ZOB! at www.sinmonandschuster.combefore it hits bookstores on December 22, 2015. For more ZOB!

hypothetical debates, check out and create your own hypothetical question of the day.

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